Smith Family Dentistry utilizes the latest advancements and techniques in dentistry, which means you can experience peace-of-mind knowing you will receive the most precise treatment possible with quicker healing times and faster results. No matter what procedure you receive, Smith Family Dentistry ensures all patients are comfortable and relaxed. You can be assured that Smith Family dentists are always current on the latest dental advancements and technology, which include the following:

Digital X-Rays – provides more precise X-Rays, less radiation, immediate viewing, and tracking of patient's dental progress.

Dental Magnification Loupes – magnifies the view of the teeth making dental inspection easier and more precise.

Soft Tissue Lasers – allows for recontouring gum tissue and provides quick healing times with minimal bleeding and no need for stitches.

Dental Implant Systems – provide both implant supported dentures and implant supported crowns. Implants look and function like your natural teeth and don't need the support of neighboring teeth, unlike a bridge. Implants also help keep the jawbone healthy and intact.

Intraoral/Extraoral Photography – allows patients to better see and understand dental diagnosis and treatment. Allows for superior communication between Smith Family Dentistry and dental labs and other dental specialists. These pictures are great for "before & after" comparisons!

GURU – patient education tool provided to Smith Family Dentistry patients that enhance understanding about the treatments, procedures, and the services available.

Digital Recordkeeping – allows for easy transportation of files and records via e-mail.


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